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The National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse went live in 1998. The Clearinghouse has been located at several different URLs over the years. The current url is www.webclearinghouse.net. Please update your bookmarks and links. Former URLs include:
  • clearinghouse.missouriwestern.edu
  • clearinghouse.mwsc.edu (Missouri Western State College)
The original Clearinghouse was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DUE-97-51113). For several years after the expiration of the grant, the site was supported by Missouri Western State University as part of their dedication to Applied Learning - especially Undergraduate Research.

Currently the site is funded through advertisements placed by the Google AdSense program.

The original software used Microsoft .ASP and an Access database. That software was replaced with completely new software in 2009 which is more secure and easier to use.

The Clearinghouse has been featured in numerous presentations and articles, including Science.

Articles posted on the Clearinghouse have been used in a number of news stories in publication and outlets such as 20/20, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Fox News.

Are there any costs associated with participation? No.There is no cost to use the Clearinghouse.
What types of manuscripts are eligible for submission? Any scientific manuscript. They can be empirical studies or literature reviews. They can be from any scientific discipline. The site encourages variety and an interdisciplinary approach.
Who is eligible to submit a manuscript? Any unpublished research that was conducted when the author was an undergraduate student is eligible for submission. A registered faculty member must agree to sponsor the manuscript.
What are the sponsorship requirements? All manuscripts must be sponsored by a registered faculty member.
How do I become a registered sponsor? Go to the Clearinghouse web site and register. Be sure to select faculty member. Verify your identity through email. The administrator will also verify your status as a faculty member before your account can be used.
Wonít this site just increase plagiarism? Some students will always plagiarize. Before manuscripts were available on the web, dishonest students could always go to a journal or textbook and plagiarize the material presented there. It is important that we educate undergraduates how to conduct ethical research, and how to properly cite references. The Clearinghouse is designed to assist students with conducting and disseminating original research. We encourage faculty members to have their students use the Clearinghouse as a source of ideas for projects. All Clearinghouse manuscripts are posted in plagiarism prevention sites/tools like SafeAssign.
My students are interested in publishing their research projects. Does posting a manuscript on the Clearinghouse preclude them from submitting it for publication? No. Your students have the right to remove their text from the Clearinghouse and transfer the copyright to a journal or other publication. Full instructions for doing so are posted on the site.
Is this a peer reviewed journal? Yes and No. While we do not use peer review in the traditional sense, quality is controlled through faculty sponsorship. Before a manuscript is posted, a faculty member must sponsor and approve the manuscript. A review mechanism is also incorporated into the Clearinghouse.
Can students list their submissions as a publication or presentation? Yes. Follow your professional organizationís guidelines for citing electronic media.
Can students post manuscripts that have already been published? No. They can, however, generally post an abstract and a link to contact them for a reprint.
Can students revise a manuscript once they have submitted it? Manuscripts can be edited or deleted by the user or the sponsor. The date of original submission is recorded, along with the date the manuscript was last edited.

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