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REICHARD, B.J. (1998). Domestic Violence and Introversion

LATHROP, T.M. (1998). The Effects of Locus of Control on Helping Behavior and the Bystander Intervention Effect

SEITER, W.B., & SEITER, H. (1998). A Correlational Study of Social Anxiousness in Home Schooled and Traditionally Schooled Children

THOMPSON, D.C. (1998). A Look at Age and Gender Differences Using a New Health Consciousness Scale

BELL, N. & WILFORD, M (1998). The Relationship Between Similarity of Intelligence and Attraction

ROSELLI, B. (1998). Memory Comprehension on a Flash Test

GRAFFORD, D. (1998). The Correlation Between Extracurricular Activities, G.p.a.and Self-esteem

YOUNG, T. (1998). Children`s Study Habits and Parental Involvement

ADAMS, L. (1998). The Effects of Birth Order on Procrastination

ELGIN, S.L. (1998). State Anxiety of Women Basketball Players Prior to Competition

CLAYTON, R.K. (1998). Birth Order and Education

RIEGEL, J.S. (1998). Labeling: How Do College Students Perceive It?

JOHNSON, M.C. (1998). Anchoring Effects in Terms of College Exams and Final Course Scores

ROOKS, L.M. (1998). Responsible Drinking Attitude Levels and Students` Involvement in Social Organizations

SCHUETTPELZ, K.J., & MARTIN, D.J. (1998). Performance Expectation and Impression Formation

SCHUETTPELZ, K.J. (1998). Menopause and Mental Health: a Literature Review

CARUTHERS, N.D. (1998). Stress and Self-esteem

SCHUETTPELZ, K.J. (1998). The Evolution of Rational-emotive Theory and Therapy

ABBEY, R.D. (1998). The Mediating Effects of Alcohol on the Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Violence

ABBEY, R.D. (1998). Exercise Adherence and the Effects of Exercise on Mental Health

BARNHOUSE, T.D. (1998). A Study on the Effects of Touch and Impression Formation

GAMBLE, D.J. (1998). Healthcare and Alternative Medicine Among College Students, Views and Prevalence

COPELAND, A.G. (1998). Academic Dishonesty in Athletes and Non-athletes, Male and Female

SMITH, S.L. (1998). At What Age Do Children Start Cheating?

CUNNINGHAM, A.L. (1998). Suggested Punishment for Child Molesters Based Upon Victim`s Relationship to the Experimenter

LINEBAUGH, K.E. (1998). Mitrochondrial Dna Rflp`s Give Phylogenetic Evidence for Relatedness Among Sculpin Populations

SMITH, D.L. (1998). Personal Characteristics Related to Developmental Math Courses

WIEDMER, S.M. (1998). An Examination of Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction

BARNETT, M.T. (1998). Physiological Responses to Violent and Nonviolent Movies

LAW, G.L. (1998). Factors Influencing the Perceived Quality of Nursing Home Visits

MAYFIELD. A.M. (1998). The Effects of Education and Awareness on Recycling

BLAND, M.A. (1998). The Effect of Birth Experience on Postpartum Depression

BALL, S. (1998). Online First Impressions: the Role of Vebal, Vocal, and Visual Factors on First Impressions

BRINKLEY, E. (1998). The Dynamics of Marital Disintegration

ROTH, M. (1998). The Distribtion Patterns of Isoenzymes Within the Tissues of Zinna Elegants

VORDERSTRASSE, T.J. (1998). Genetic Variation of Lepomis Megalotis Using Mitochondrial Dna

ROSS, J.A. (1998). Determining Phylogenetic Relationships Between Selected Bacteria Using Rapd Pcr Analyisis

SCHUETTPELZ, K.J. (1998). Sense of Coherence As a Predictor of Menopausal Experience

ASHER, A.D. (1998). Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

MATSUDA, K. (1998). Gender Difference and Dieting

GRIMES, M.B. (1999). Helping Behavior Commitments in the Presence of Odors: Vanilla, Lavender, and No Odor

DUNN, L.J. (1999). Nonverbal Communication: Information Conveyed Through the Use of Body Language

SAVOYE, K.J. (1999). The Importance of Consequentiality in the Formation of Flashbulb Memories

LUCK, B.P. (1999). Information Relevance and Recognition Memory: First, Second, and Third Person Narratives

BRANCH, D.R. (1999). Short-term and Long-term Exercise: an Examination of Self-esteem

MOHAJERI-NELSON, N. (1999). Stress Level and Job Satisfaction: Does a Causal Relationship Exist?

PERKINS, J.E. (1999). Political Ideology As Predicted by Parental Punishment, Formal Verses Concrete Reasoning, Moral Deve

PRINCE, K.K. (1999). Decreasing Rape Myth Acceptance with a Rape Sensitivity Video

Fulgham, A. (1999). Implementing a Psychological Skills Training Program in High School Volleyball Athletes

SHAKYA, S., CHEN, Z.& MABROUK P. A. (1999). An Improved Method for the Purification of Soybean Peroxidase

CHATTO, J. M. & O`DONNELL,L. (1999). The Effects of Noise Distraction on Sat Scores

Hughes, A. A. (1999). Hypnosis As a Therapeutic Technique: a Historical Examination of Contrasted Perspectives and Domains

Vukin, M. C. (1999). Phrenology in America

Waddle, D. (1999). Brain Imaging: is It the New Phrenology?

FORD, D. R. (1999). Using Humor to Create a Better Self-esteem

KESSE, S. L. (1999). Birth Position and How an Individual Perceives Their Own and Their Siblings Popularity

KIMSEY, C. R. (1999). Racism: Attitudes on Ambiguous Statements

JESTES, D. A. (1999). Body Image: How You See It, How You Don`t

MCCLAFLIN, M. T. (1999). A Make-over for Royalty: the Relationship of Physical Attractiveness and Perceptions of Leadership Ability

BEADLE, D. J. (1999). What Type of Student is More Likely to Cheat?

DUNN, L. J. (1999). Preliminary Investigation of Equine Learning and Memory

JENNINGS, D. M. (1999). Is Length of Employment Related to Job Satisfaction?

STOLZ, S. L. (1999). The Importance of Self Confidence in Performance

ELDER, K. J. (1999). Dream Lucidity and Assertiveness

MARY , M. C. (1999). Employee Ethics:determining Why Employees Lie for Their Employers

OWEN, K. O. (1999). Applied Behavior Analysis: Its Impact on the Treatment for Autistic Behavior

MCCLUNG, C. M. (1999). Religion and Cognitive Dissonance: Do They Coexist

BUCKLER, C. L. (1999). The Effects of Environment and Handedness on Writing Performance

BOTTORFF, A. R. (1999). The Punishment for Drug Abuse

HASSEN, J. L. (1999). How Do I Love Thee: the Maintenance of Relationships

-None- (1999). Cams: a Community of Agents to Bring Together Internet Users

MOORE, L. -. (1999). The Effects of Music Type and Volume on Memorization

SPAINHOUR, A. A. (1999). Effects of Film on Body Image

LUCAS, K. M. (1999). Non-handicapped Students` Attitudes Toward Physically Handicapped Individuals

CAUDLE, A. D. (1999). Leading Questions and Student Evaluations

CAUDLE, A. D. (1999). Leading Questions and Student Evaluations

Reiner,K. E. (1999). A Comparison of Perceptions; on Adhd and Normal Behaviors Displayed by Grade School Children

PUETT, R. A. (1999). Cheating: What Do Elementary School Children Think?

ROHDE, D. M. (1999). Acetyl-l-carnitine and Its Effects on Memory and Cognition

REICHARD, R.J., (1999). The Effects of Computers in Surveys

BLAND, M. A. (1999). The Influence of Birth Experience on Postpartum Depression: a Follow-up Study

ORTMAN, W. J. (1999). Effects of Music-elicited Emotion and Its Effect on Anterior Frontal Eeg

BERNDT, E. J. (1999). Religion and Health: Effect of Providential Belief on Health in College and Elderly Individuals

DOWNING, K. M., MASSAKER, C. A. & ZIEGLER, C. -. (1999). Alcohol Use: What`s Personality Got to Do with It?

MILLSAPS II, R. O. & Saporito, J. M. (1999). Sexual Orientation of Cancer Patients: Effects on Compassion Felt Toward Them by Others

KLINGE, J.W. (1999). How Different Areas of Personal Space Are Protected: a Look at Gender Differences

RENARDY, Y. -. & Stoltz, C. G. (1999). Time-dependent Pattern Formation for Convection in Two Layers of Immiscible Liquids

Skellie, P. T. , Jeffery, D. C., & Ziegler, C. B. (1999). Semester Conversion and Student Stress: is Attitude What It`s All About?

FORBES, D.C.; BARRETT, E.J.; BRIGHT, D.H.; EZELL, (1999). Dirhodium(ii) Carboxamidate and Carboxylate Catalysis: a Study on Chemoselectivity

CHEN, Z., MABROUK, P. A. (1999). Isolation and Purification of Soybean Peroxidase from "montsew" Chinese Soybeans

MILLER, J. E. (1999). Numerical Approximations for the Laplacian

DENBOER, J.W. (1999). No Amplification of Hindsight Bias Due to Time Delay

RITTER, M. R. (1999). Hand Temperature, Test Anxiety, and Test Performance: a Correlational Study

ANDERSON, T. S. (1999). Effects of Imagery and Brief Lamaze Training on Pain Tolerance in a Cold Pressor Test

THOMPSON, J. W. (1999). Gender Differences in the Ability to Remember Truths and Lies

LEFLET, B. R. (1999). Lunar Phase Effect on Criminal Activity and Crisis Calls: Does a Correlation Exist?

JOHNSON, H. A. (1999). The Frequency of Different Types of Discomfort and the Types of Medication Used

RODRIGUEZ, J. R. (1999). The Melancholy of Music Perception

KEMP, M. K. (1999). Preventing Toddler Self Wetting a Study of Three Methods

HERNANDEZ, J. L. (1999). Conformity and Self-esteem: Possible Correlation?

BAKER, B. K. (1999). Cognitive Distortions Among Juvenile Delinquents and Non-delinquents

MCCREADY, C. M. (1999). Seat Belt and Other Safety Questions Answered

BURNSIDES, S. R. (1999). Gender Competition: a Test Between Sexes

DOMALEWSKI, S. M. (1999). Rape Myth Acceptance: Changing Attitudes Through the Use of Popular Movies

DUNN, R. L., &EVERLY, J. D. (2000). Pet Fish and Stress Reduction Among College Students

GROUSE, C. L., & EZELL, H. A. (2000). The Accuracy of Eyewitness Identification: Suggestibility and Confidence

MARTIN, J. M. & SWORD, C. L. (2000). Does Bach Have the Same Effect As Mozart on Spatial Reasoning?

HALL, T. R. (2000). Self-handicapping: an Evaluation and Comparison of Honors and Traditional College Students` Utilization

RICE, H. J. (2000). The Relationship Between Humor and Death Anxiety

HOWERY, T. M., DOBBS, D.K. (2000). The Effects of Authority on the Acceptance of Misinformation

O`DELL, L. M. (2000). Optimism and Its Effects on Depression

CRIBB, K. (2000). Life Satisfaction, and Who Has It

SCOTT, A.A. (2000). The Polymorphism of the Alpha 2-macroglobulin (a2m) Gene and Its Role in Alzheimer Disease

WIMBERLY, C. A. (2000). Adrenoluekodystrophy and the Ald Gene

PRICE, M. G. (2000). The Genetic Disease Phenylketonuria

KELLY, K. L. (2000). Retinoblastoma: Mutation of Rb-1 Protein

WIMBERLY, C. A. (2000). Adrenoleukodystrophy

LOMBARDI, S. M. (2000). Discussion of Genetic Background of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (als)

LEWIS, C. R. (2000). Cherubism

PAUL, A. L. (2000). Diastrophic Dysplasia: a Devastating Disease

WAGNER, D. -. (2000). Argininemia - Arginase Deficiency from Mutation of Arg1 Gene

BASS, D. M. (2000). Cystic Fibrosis and the Cftr Gene

JACOBS, A. A. (2000). Adrenoleukodystrophy Ald Gene

WILSON, J. T. (2000). The Atp7b Gene and the Effects of Its Mutations

EARNSHAW, E. L. A. (2000). Religious Orientation and Meaning in Life: an Exploratory Study

-None- (2000). -none-

KIESS, A. S. (2000). Effect of Steady Dating on Self-esteem Among University Students

CORT, N. A.& STEWART-FAHS, P. (2000). Heart Disease: the Hidden Killer of Rural Black Women

HAWMAN, J. L. (2000). The Effect of Sample Ballots on Voting Behavior

SHELL, M. M., & DUNCAN, S. D. (2000). The Effects of Personality Similarity Between Supervisors and Subordinates on Job Satisfaction

RICE, B. K., DYSON,J.N. (2000). Personal Space Invaders

DEWITT, J. A. & KOLLANDA, K. A. (2000). Does Perceived Intelligence Affect an Individual`s Self-esteem

ODOM, A. S. (2000). The Reds, Whites, and Blues of Emotion: Examining Color Hue Effects on Mood Tones

-None- (2000). -none-

HARVEY, S. M. (2000). Music Perception

ST. CLAIR, A. M. (2000). The Effects of Music During Apprehension on Memory Performance

BOVELAND, T. A. (2000). The Effects of a Movie Clip on Change in Love Concepts

PIERCE, J. E. (2000). The Effects of Parental Divorce and Place of Residence

QUATROY, K. A. (2000). The Relationship Between Experience of Infidelity and Perception of Infidelity

THUM, M. (2000). The Effect of Being Weighed on the Body Image of College Women

HILL, M. E. (2000). The Effects of Heavy Metal Music on Levels of Aggression in College Students

TUBRE, K. R. (2000). First Impressions: the Effect of Attractiveness and Personality on Pursuing Dating Relationships and Friendships

MOLINE, R. H. (2000). The Effects of Movie Scenes on Change in Love Styles

GONZALES, C. L. (2000). First Impressions: the Effect of Physical Attractiveness and Personality on Relationships

BAGWELL, S. E. (2000). The Relationship Between Breakfast and School Performance

STAUB, L. M. (2000). The Correlation Between Eating Breakfast and School Performance

GRAVEN, H. L. (2000). Caffeine Consumption and Its Relationship with Students` Study Habits

PHAM, L. N. (2000). The Relationship Between Caffeine Consumption and Study Habits

COSS, S. L. (2000). The Effects of Heavy Metal Music on Aggression in College Students

LOYACANO, S. L. (2000). The Relationship Between Caffeine Consumption and Study Habits

BOEGLIN, N. T. (2000). The Correlation Between People`s Music Preferences and Their Sex Role Perceptions

COBB, J. C. (2000). The Relationship Between Musical Preference and Sex Role Perception

MCLENDON, P. C. (2000). The Relationship Between Past Infidelity and Acceptance of Infidelity in Others

SURETTE, B. R. (2000). The Relationship Between Students Who Are In-state or Out-of-state and Their Happiness

HAYDEL, S. B. (2000). The Effects of Gender and Athletic Experience on Spatial Ability Test Scores

BURTON, A. E. (2001). semantic Memory Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease:

GALLAGHER, L. (2001). Does Classical Music Really Affect Spatial-temporal Ability?

GIBBS, E. (2001). Rem and Dreaming

BRAY, B. M. (2001). The Influence of Academic Achievement on a College Student`s Self-esteem

PAALHAR, S. L. (2001). Gender Differences in Public Speaking Anxiety

HAMPTON, JR., D. P. (2001). The Effect of Communication on Satisfaction in Long-distance and Proximal Relationships of College Students

HULL, P. K. (2001). Society and Boys: Are Boys Treated Differently Than Girls

WALTERS, L.. J. (2001). Improving Behaviors Through Movies, Pizza , and Peers

KIRKWEG, S. B. (2001). The Effects of Music on Memory

HILLEBRAND, J. A. (2001). Level of Group Participation Determined by Shyness

WINN, T. S.& WINGET, A. (2001). Optimism Levels in Students That Engage in Extracurricular Activities Vs Students Not Engaging

PHILLIPS, D. S. (2001). Bystander Intervention, Age and Vehicle Assistance

PHILLIPS, D. S. (2001). Bystander Intervention, Age and Vehicle Assistance

BERRY, W. D. (2001). Physical Fitness and Stress

ALBERS, D. L. (2001). Nonverbal Immediacy in the Classroom.

-NONE- (2001). The Effects Self-esteem Has on Drinking

WEST, J. L. (2001). Differences in Morality and Empathy in College Majors

WALTON, J. L. (2001). The Effect of Birth Order on Intelligence

GREEN, C. A. (2001). The Effect of Prior Litter on Sewing Class Students` Clean-up Behavior

BEGUIRISTAIN, A. J. (2001). Academic Performance and Discipline of College Students

JAMES, R. L. (2001). Correlation Between Adolescent Self-esteem, Religiosity, and Perceived Family Support

WILSON-DREWERY, L. -. (2001). The Relationship Between Membership in a Greek Organization and Self-esteem and Grade Point Averages

WATSON, E. M. (2001). Effect of Communication on College Student Satisfaction in Long-distance and Proximal Relationships

ARENA, C. A. (2001). Leaving Home for College and Its Effects on Religious Values

JIMENEZ, G. B. (2001). Effect of Participation in Greek Organizations on the G.p.a. and Self-esteem in College Students

SHRUM, S. K. (2001). Relationship Between Gender and Personality Characteristics Assigned to Various Facial Expressions

WHITE, L. S. (2001). the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Type of Music

CENTO, A. -. SIMMONS, C. (2001). The Correlation Between Alcohol Consumption and Risky Behavior During Spring Break

MCGOWEN, A. -. (2001). A Comparison of the Religious Values of College Students in High School Verses College

HAMILTON, A. M. (2001). The Relationship Between Genre of Music and Alcohol Consumption by Patrons at Music Venues

JOSEPH, J. R. (2001). The Effects of Music on Temporary Disposition in College Students

JOHNSON, F. D. (2001). The Effects of Music on Temporary Disposition

YUA, P. -. (2001). Public and Non-public High School on College Academic

LAVIGNE, N. E. (2001). Academic Performance and Discipline of College Students

ROGERS, C. R. (2001). Effect of Size of City of Origin on Students` Alcohol Awareness

BURKE, N. E. & SHRUM, S.K. (2001). The Effect of Gender on the Personality Characteristics Assigned to Various Facial Expressions

LANDWERLIN, L. A. (2001). The Effect of Being Weighed on the Body Image of College Freshmen

THAMES, J. M. (2001). The Correlation of Religiosity and Family Support with Adolescent Self-esteem

DALRYMPLE, J. S. (2001). Cooperative Learning and Grades

TWYMAN, S. L. (2001). The Effect of Low Self-esteem on Body Alterations

HUTCHINGS, M. J., & PHILLIPS, T. R. (2001). The Effect of Pet Ownership on Overall Health

OLD , S. R. (2001). The Keyword Method Applied to Root-learning of Vocabulary

DEEMS, D. A. (2001). The Effects of Sound on Reading Comprehension and Short-term Memory

COCHRAN, A. C. (2001). Stress and College Students with Jobs

ROBINSON, J. M. (2001). The Effects of Massage on the Physical Symptoms of Academic Stress

CONROY, C. C. (2001). The Effect of Age on Bilateral Transfer

MEREDITH, T. A. (2001). Does Our Level of Attractiveness Shape Our Perceived Personality?

INGRAM, A. E. (2001). The Influence of Birth Order on Anxiety

PARKS, M. L. (2001). Does the Music We Listen to Correlate with Our Level of Introversion or Extroversion?

ROW, A. G. (2001). Birth Order and Intelligence: is There a Correlation?

SMITH, J. W. (2001). Race and Religion`s Role in Stereotypes and Perceived Social Standings

KOSLOSKY, J. L. (2001). Happiness, How Our Environment Affects Our Well Being and Performance

ROESLER, L. M. (2001). An Analysis of Stress Symptoms and Their Relation to Sex and Age

BAILEY, R. J. (2001). The Effects of Highlighting on Long-term Memory

Ferney, B. E. & Domingue, A. (2001). The Relationship Between Type of Schooling (single-sex Vs. Co-educational) and Gender Roles

MANDY, C. A. (2001). Effects of Introversion and Extroversion in a Small Group Setting

COLON, F. M. (2001). The Relationship Between Males` Role in Birth Control and Their Views on Nontraditional Gender Roles

ALLEN, M. M. (2001). The Effects of Stereotypes on Memory

ROSSITTO, A. L. (2001). Gender Differences in Help Seeking Behavior in `who Wants to Be a Millionaire`

CURIN, K. K. (2001). Invasion of Personal Space of Smokers and Non-smokers

HJORTSBERG, R. W. (2001). The Effects of Different Types of Music on Cognitive Processes

ROY, S. E. (2001). The Effects of Different Types of Music on Cognitive Processes

PILMAN, M. S. (2001). The Effects of Air Temperature Variance on Memory Ability

SMITH, O. A. (2001). G.p.a., Self-discipline, and Stress Levels: Team Sports Athletes Versus Solitary Athletes

MODESTI, M. -. (2001). The Relationship Between Male`s Role in Birth Control and Their Views on Nontraditional Gender Roles

GRAVES, C. -. (2001). The Effect of Stereotyping on Memory Recall

LEBLANC, A. M. (2001). The Effect of Auhtority Status on Compliance

WALKER, H. N. (2001). Effects of Race, Sex, and Self-esteem on College Students` Views on Interracial Dating

BROUSSARD, D. A. (2001). The Effects of Race, Gender, and Self-esteem on College Students Interracial Dating Decisions

DEBATE, J. M. (2001). The Effect of Compliance on Authority

ZUCHOWSKI, M. E. (2001). The Correlation Between Birth Order and Roommate Relationships of Freshmen in College

ESTEVEZ, P. -. (2001). Gender Differences in Help-seeking Patterns in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

PAWLIK, E. A. (2001). The Effect of Personal Space Invasion and Smoking on Smoking and Non-smoking College Females

CHANDRA, S. C. & MORGAN, H. (2001). The Relationship Between Political Awareness and Conservation Attitudes and Behaviors

Juryea, B., Keates, R., Kazantzi, K., Martinez, J. (2002). The Effects of Mood and Sex on Helping Behavior in a Non-violent Situation

KING, S.,MCCONNELL, J., ORR, M,SCHREIBER, T., TRIN (2002). Effects of Rap and Heavy Metal Music Lyrics on Adolescent Behaviors

CHARLES, R. -. (2002). The Effect of Service on Gratuity

USER, T. A., & NOTHER, T. A. (2002). This is the Title of My Paper

GOODINE, K. S. (2002). Severity of Pms in Women of Different Ages

MARTIN, C. L. (2002). Scar Tissue: Social Institutions and Female Genital Cutting in Africa

ELKTHUNDER, R. M. (2002). Attitudes of College Students Toward Interracial Dating

VOGEL, H. L., & COLLINS, A.L. (2002). The Relationship Between Test Anxiety and Academic Peformance

MENKE, A. M., & BOYER, M. L. (2002). The Effect of Birth Order on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors

EVANS, J. E. (2002). Does Birth Order Impact Intelligence?

GILLAHAN, J. E. (2002). The Cause of Dental Anxiety May Not Be Pain

MCDAVITT, L. D. (2002). Who Does the Changing? a Look at Gender Effects on Role Designation

KAHLER, N. R. (2002). The Relationship Between Music and Sex

FRISBIE, J. L. (2002). The Affects of Stress on Physical Health

FRISBIE, J. L. (2002). The Affects of Stress on Physical Health

WILLIAMS, T. D. (2002). Stranger Reaction in Children

HORNBUCKLE, H. D. & DAKON, S.M. (2002). The Impact Hand Gestures Have on Communication

SITZ, E. H. (2002). Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Optimism and Perceived Stress

GUIDRY, E. T., & JOHNSON, D. (2002). Correlation Between Extraversion and College Major

DOUGLAS, H. M. (2002). Effect of Sunlight Versus Florescent Light on Testing Abilities of Morning-evening Type People

DEETHARDT, M. R. (2002). The Effects of Olfactory Stimulation on Short-term Memory

CHIMENTO, M. M.& Tafalla, R.R. (2002). The Effects of Music on Perceived Levels of Stress

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SANDERS, S. J. (2002). Leta Stetter Hollingworth

SAYRE-GIBSON, L. A. (2002). Identification of Sexual Harassment: a Student Sample

JACOBS, J. A. (2002). -none-

JACOBS, J. A. (2002). Drawing is a Catharsis for Children

BRONSON, M. E., & Howard, E. (2002). Gender Differences and Their Influence on Thrill Seeking and Risk Taking

TRAMONTANA, J. M. (2002). Birth Order and Anxiety in College Students

LEA, C. -. (2002). Attitudes and Perceptions About Sorority Women and Stereotype Usage

NORCROSS, D. L. (2002). College Students` Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Interracial Dating

JACKSON, M. A. (2002). Stereotypes in Perception of Ideal Body Size for Different Ethnicities

CHANG, C. C. (2002). Stereotypical Influence on Ideal Body Images

HAYES, M. C. (2002). Handwashing Behavior of Women in Public Restrooms

STINSON, A. M. (2002). Hand Washing Behavior of Women in Public Restrooms

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MATTINGLY, M. -. (2002). Adjustment to College: Private High School Vs. Public High School

AYRE, T. M. (2002). Attitudes and Perceptions About Sorority Women

MARMOLEJO, G. (2002). Does Combining Spts and Vts Increase the Memorability of Presented Material?

MAY, C. J. (2002). The Evolution of Developmental Psychology Throughout History in France and Russia

MAY, C. J. (2002). The Evolution of Developmental Psychology Throughout History in France and Russia

WILKINSON, K. E. (2002). The Effects of Birth Order on Anxiety in College Students

CLARK, K. E. (2002). Differences in Trust Within Same-gendered Friendships

CHANDLER, L. R. (2002). The Social and Educational Effects of Divorce

CHANDLER, L. R. (2002). The Social and Educational Effects of Divorce

BERNARD, C. E. (2002). Racial and Gender Awareness in Preschoolers

TURNER, E. R. (2002). The Differences in Levels of Trust in Male and Female Same-sex Friendships

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CHETTY, V. N. (2002). A Study of Stereotypical Ideal Body Images for African American and Caucasian Women

VANCE, A. M. (2002). The Social Effects of Divorce

ROBINSON, O. -. (2002). Racial and Gender Awareness in Preschoolers

GOFORTH, N. R. (2002). Attitudes and Behaviors of College Students Towards Interracial Dating

SALVAGGIO, K. E. (2002). Perceptions of Body Modificaitons

PHAM, P. T. (2002). Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance in College

Sellers, T., Haggerty, S., & Lawson, T. (2002). -none-

CARROLL, M. N. (2002). Gender Differences in Trust and Loyalty Within Single Sex Friendships

KOPFLER, M. E. (2003). Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance

FREUDENBERGER, S.E. & CRESCENZO, K.N (2003). Visual-motor Memory Versus Visual Memory for the Recall of the Rey-osterreich Complex Figure Test

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GRANT, K. S. & Byers, T.M. (2003). Racial Profiling: Shows Unequal Justice for Blacks

FULLER, L. R. (2003). The Link Between Manic Depression and Creativity

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