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A Correlational Study of Social Anxiousness in Home Schooled and Traditionally Schooled Children
A Look at Age and Gender Differences Using a New Health Consciousness Scale
A Study on the Effects of Touch and Impression Formation
Academic Dishonesty in Athletes and Non-athletes, Male and Female
An Examination of Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction
Anchoring Effects in Terms of College Exams and Final Course Scores
At What Age Do Children Start Cheating?
Attitudes Toward Homosexuality
Birth Order and Education
Children`s Study Habits and Parental Involvement
Determining Phylogenetic Relationships Between Selected Bacteria Using Rapd Pcr Analyisis
Domestic Violence and Introversion
Exercise Adherence and the Effects of Exercise on Mental Health
Factors Influencing the Perceived Quality of Nursing Home Visits
Gender Difference and Dieting
Genetic Variation of Lepomis Megalotis Using Mitochondrial Dna
Healthcare and Alternative Medicine Among College Students, Views and Prevalence
Labeling: How Do College Students Perceive It?
Memory Comprehension on a Flash Test
Menopause and Mental Health: a Literature Review
Mitrochondrial Dna Rflp`s Give Phylogenetic Evidence for Relatedness Among Sculpin Populations
Online First Impressions: the Role of Vebal, Vocal, and Visual Factors on First Impressions
Performance Expectation and Impression Formation
Personal Characteristics Related to Developmental Math Courses
Physiological Responses to Violent and Nonviolent Movies
Responsible Drinking Attitude Levels and Students` Involvement in Social Organizations
Sense of Coherence As a Predictor of Menopausal Experience
State Anxiety of Women Basketball Players Prior to Competition
Stress and Self-esteem
Suggested Punishment for Child Molesters Based Upon Victim`s Relationship to the Experimenter
The Correlation Between Extracurricular Activities, G.p.a.and Self-esteem
The Distribtion Patterns of Isoenzymes Within the Tissues of Zinna Elegants
The Dynamics of Marital Disintegration
The Effect of Birth Experience on Postpartum Depression
The Effects of Birth Order on Procrastination
The Effects of Education and Awareness on Recycling
The Effects of Locus of Control on Helping Behavior and the Bystander Intervention Effect
The Evolution of Rational-emotive Theory and Therapy
The Mediating Effects of Alcohol on the Relationship Between Sensation Seeking and Violence
The Relationship Between Similarity of Intelligence and Attraction

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