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Information Relevance and Recognition Memory: First, Second, and Third Person Narratives
A Comparison of Perceptions; on Adhd and Normal Behaviors Displayed by Grade School Children
A Make-over for Royalty: the Relationship of Physical Attractiveness and Perceptions of Leadership Ability
Acetyl-l-carnitine and Its Effects on Memory and Cognition
Alcohol Use: What`s Personality Got to Do with It?
An Improved Method for the Purification of Soybean Peroxidase
Applied Behavior Analysis: Its Impact on the Treatment for Autistic Behavior
Birth Position and How an Individual Perceives Their Own and Their Siblings Popularity
Body Image: How You See It, How You Don`t
Brain Imaging: is It the New Phrenology?
Cams: a Community of Agents to Bring Together Internet Users
Cheating: What Do Elementary School Children Think?
Cognitive Distortions Among Juvenile Delinquents and Non-delinquents
Conformity and Self-esteem: Possible Correlation?
Decreasing Rape Myth Acceptance with a Rape Sensitivity Video
Dirhodium(ii) Carboxamidate and Carboxylate Catalysis: a Study on Chemoselectivity
Dream Lucidity and Assertiveness
Effects of Film on Body Image
Effects of Imagery and Brief Lamaze Training on Pain Tolerance in a Cold Pressor Test
Effects of Music-elicited Emotion and Its Effect on Anterior Frontal Eeg
Employee Ethics:determining Why Employees Lie for Their Employers
Gender Competition: a Test Between Sexes
Gender Differences in the Ability to Remember Truths and Lies
Hand Temperature, Test Anxiety, and Test Performance: a Correlational Study
Helping Behavior Commitments in the Presence of Odors: Vanilla, Lavender, and No Odor
How Different Areas of Personal Space Are Protected: a Look at Gender Differences
How Do I Love Thee: the Maintenance of Relationships
Hypnosis As a Therapeutic Technique: a Historical Examination of Contrasted Perspectives and Domains
Implementing a Psychological Skills Training Program in High School Volleyball Athletes
Is Length of Employment Related to Job Satisfaction?
Isolation and Purification of Soybean Peroxidase from "montsew" Chinese Soybeans
Leading Questions and Student Evaluations
Leading Questions and Student Evaluations
Lunar Phase Effect on Criminal Activity and Crisis Calls: Does a Correlation Exist?
No Amplification of Hindsight Bias Due to Time Delay
Non-handicapped Students` Attitudes Toward Physically Handicapped Individuals
Nonverbal Communication: Information Conveyed Through the Use of Body Language
Numerical Approximations for the Laplacian
Phrenology in America
Political Ideology As Predicted by Parental Punishment, Formal Verses Concrete Reasoning, Moral Deve
Preliminary Investigation of Equine Learning and Memory
Preventing Toddler Self Wetting a Study of Three Methods
Racism: Attitudes on Ambiguous Statements
Rape Myth Acceptance: Changing Attitudes Through the Use of Popular Movies
Religion and Cognitive Dissonance: Do They Coexist
Religion and Health: Effect of Providential Belief on Health in College and Elderly Individuals
Seat Belt and Other Safety Questions Answered
Semester Conversion and Student Stress: is Attitude What It`s All About?
Sexual Orientation of Cancer Patients: Effects on Compassion Felt Toward Them by Others
Short-term and Long-term Exercise: an Examination of Self-esteem
Stress Level and Job Satisfaction: Does a Causal Relationship Exist?
The Effects of Computers in Surveys
The Effects of Environment and Handedness on Writing Performance
The Effects of Music Type and Volume on Memorization
The Effects of Noise Distraction on Sat Scores
The Frequency of Different Types of Discomfort and the Types of Medication Used
The Importance of Consequentiality in the Formation of Flashbulb Memories
The Importance of Self Confidence in Performance
The Influence of Birth Experience on Postpartum Depression: a Follow-up Study
The Melancholy of Music Perception
The Punishment for Drug Abuse
Time-dependent Pattern Formation for Convection in Two Layers of Immiscible Liquids
Using Humor to Create a Better Self-esteem
What Type of Student is More Likely to Cheat?

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