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Contents of Volume 8

A Brief History of Psychoanalytic Thought: Freud and His Psychoanalytic Innovators
An Investigation into Key Components of Alzheimer`s Disease
Changing Drinking Behaviors in College Students: an Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior
Collective Self Esteem Scores, Gender, and Religious Denominations
Differences in Test Anxiety and Memory Between Men and Women
Do Elderly Balance Disorder Patients Benefit from the Sportkat Machine?
Does Latte Art Make a Differnce?
Does Your Diet Equal Your Mood?
Effects of Annoying Noise on Quantitative and Analytical Test Taking
Effects of Combinatory Play on Problem Solving
Graphology: Predicting Intelligence
How Personality Plays a Part in Our Choices
Increase Tips: Give Me Money
Life Distance Theory
Missouri Traffic Stops: Ticket or Warning.
Moral Reasoning Among Different Education Levels
Nuclear Theory of the Universe
Parenting Satisfaction: Single Income Families Vs. Dual Income Families
Perception of Gender in Text: Do Readers Assign Gender to Androgynous Characters in Readings?
Personal Attribution in Disastrous Events: Locus of Control in Natural and Man-made Disasters
Photo Reflection Theory
Self-esteem Among College Students with Respect to Gender
Semantic and Phonological Association Within the Drm Paradigm
Sex Sells: Looking at Sex in Persuasion and Advertising
Tattletales: a Study on Conformity and Bystander Intervention in Cheating
The Effect of Analogies on Problem Solving
The Effects of Manipulated Jealousy and Parental Divorce on College Students` Impressions
The Effects of Professor Gender on Student Behavior
The Effects of Temperature on Motor Performance
The Interaction of Mood and Situation on the Occurence of the Fundamental Attribution Error
The Only Duckling in a Room Full of Swans: Do Surrounding People Influence Body-esteem?
The Perceived Effects of Music on Exercise Performance
What is a Leader? the Characteristics Contributed to Leadership
Who Are You Talking To? : Comparing Precompetitive Anxiety and Self-talk in Tennis
Who is More Jealous, College Male or Females in Real Relationships or Imagined Relationships
Will Playing Music and Feeding Beer to Cows Cause Them to Produce More Milk
Will Watching You Exercise Improve Your Workouts and Effect Self-esteem?
Will We Live Happily Ever After? a Study on Happiness and Its Implications

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