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Contents of Volume 9

A Look into Memory and Personality
A Pvc Treat Dispenser and Feeding Enrichment for Pet Capuchin Monkeys
Birth Order and Its Effect on Motivation and Academic Achievement
Different Perspectives on Animal Rights
Diffusion of Responsibility: Are Sexes More Likely to Help the Same Sex or the Opposite Sex?
Does Negative Media Cause Societies Dislike of Pit Bulls
Does Noise Sensitivity Affect a Reader`s Concentration?
Doughnuts…anyone? a Look at Conformity Patterns and Food Related Behaviors Among College Students
Dual Diagnosis: Interdisciplinary Intervention for Positive Outcomes
Effect of Violent Video Games on Aggression
Effects of Gender on Recall
Effects of Stress on Self-esteem
Fighting Nature: Mankind’s Struggle to Leave the Natural World
Finger Length Linked to Female Athletic Ability
Gender Differences in Multitasking
Highlighting V. Writing
Lack of Spiritual Well-being As Predictor of Eating Disorders Among College Students
Measuring Stereotype Differences in College Students
Money Can`t Buy You Happiness, but It Might Buy You Help
Relationship Between Self-esteem and Alcohol Consumption
Self Esteem and Aggressive Behavior: Who’s More Aggressive?
Spiritual Connection, Spiritual Discontent, and Health
Stress and Exercise
Taste the Label:
The Effect of a College Exercise Class on the Self-esteem of Female College Students
The Effect of Age and Personality on Social Separation
The Effect of Parental Income and Education on Homophobia
The Effects of Canned Laughter on Bystander Apathy
Type D, Optimism, Cognitive Dysorganization, and Esteem
What Color is Your Mood
What Color is Your Mood
What Color is Your Mood

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