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HILL, S. E. (2003). The History of Forensic Psychology and It`s Significants to Psychology As a Field. National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse, 6. Available online at http://www.webclearinghouse.net/volume/. Retrieved September 26, 2023 .

The History of Forensic Psychology and It`s Significants to Psychology As a Field

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The purpose of this paper was to outline the history and accomplishments of forensic psychology. Forensic Psychology is one of the most unchartered and young fields of psychology studied today, as well as one of the fastest growing and most popular. Starting in the late 1800ís, psychologists began looking into the causes of crime and delinquency and tried to understand the motivation. As understanding grew treatment facilities were opened and diagnosis of behaviors began, but not without skepticism and low support from some more conservative psychologist of the time. With further knowledge of the criminal mind and behaviors forensic work seeped into the law field and was used to convict criminals and also to prevent crimes from happening. Forensic studies took a hiatus during the time period from World War I until around the 70ís when a strong resurgence in action oriented public policy and understanding of social behavior became of importance to society. Presently forensic psychology is used to sentence criminals, determines guilt or innocence, helps determine eyewitness accuracy, assists in the relevance of lie detector tests as well as assisting lawyers and council in criminal trials. Forensic Psychology has a long way to go and has come quite a long way in a short time, catching the attention of many people and will be around helping us improve our communities for years to come.

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