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Life Distance Theory

Sponsored by: GAURAV AGARWAL (gauravagarwal@sancharnet.in)
Whatever we see in our daily life and observe around us always meddles with my thoughts that what is our place in the universe. Who made us, how were we born, how the Sun and the heavenly bodies were formed. Well our scientists have very little information about it. We don’t have a perfect idea of how life originated whether there was or there is life in any other place than our Earth alone. Well this is due to the large distances that we cannot cover in this present age.

However, I have tried to solve this problem by introducing a hypothesis known as the ‘Life Distance’ Hypothesis. This document contains most of the answers the present scientists are searching for and some vague and some clear idea about the universe made me create this work and I am very pleased to introduce it to the world.

Broadly speaking, this hypothesis has been divided into the following sections:

Relation of life with the temperature of the Sun (Life Distance Hypothesis). Derivation of the life distance formula. Derivation of temperature-distance formula that can calculate the average surface temperatures of any planet in our Solar system. A research and a study of various planets, their atmosphere and their crust. The story of Evolution i.e. the past and the future of Earth which was made possible by studying the various aspects and relation of the conditions of various planets with each other. And lastly and the most important of all the derivation of Combination formula which is able to find out the surface temperatures of any planet in this universe may be in the solar system or a part of the family of some other star in any galaxy and in any period of time.For further information please reply to this email with the suggestions

I have also attached recent reports by NASA scientists in order to support my hypothesis.

I have given my utmost efforts in making and presenting this hypothesis and it I hope that it may create a revolution in the field of Science and Astronomy.

Gaurav Agarwal.

a student of class 12 `Science`

Vidya Vikash Academy,



West Bengal,

Phone : 0354-53198


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LifeDistance Theory

           Due to the fusion reaction occurring in the Sun, its temperatureincreases gradually (varies) due to which life moves from one planet to theother with increasing distance from the Sun and life is supported in a certainarea which is known as the ‘Life Distance’ and can be defined as ‘ Themean of the range of distance from the star (Sun in the solar system) in whichlife is supported’ and the mean is known as the ‘Life Line’. That meansthat with an increase in temperature there is an increase in the ‘LifeDistance’. So we can say that temperature of the Sun is directly proportionalto the ‘Life Distance.’

Lifedistance (D) a temperature of the Sun



(kis the universal life distance constant).


Calculationfor the value of universal constant of `Life Distance`

Weknow that T i.e. the surface temperature of the Sun = 5500 degree C 5773 K

Di.e. life distance lies at the distance of the earth i.e.1 A.U (AstronomicalUnit).

Wehave to find out k

We know that D=kT



k=1/5773 A.U./K

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            Inorder to prove the theory we are going to study the data available for variousplanets like Temperature














Average Surface Temp. (in degree C)











Itis clear from the above data that the average surface temperature decreases withan increase in distance from the Sun. Except for Venus we see a very consistentgraph the reason for this is that Venus is surrounded with thick green housegases due to which it is excessively hot and is hotter than Mercury butaccording to the law the temperature of Mercury must be more than that of Venus,so Venus can be considered an exception for this law. So we can say that thesurface temperature of a planet is inversely proportional to the distance fromthe Sun.

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Distanceof the planet from the Sun (d) a1/surface temperature of the planet (t)


or,d= l /t

wherel is the universal variable for temperature of planets.

Nowl needs to be defined in a proper way in order to get a universal constant

So,l =dt

Nowif the distance ‘d’ is the life distance,

l   =Dtlife distance

d= Dtlife distance/t   ……….(1). 


d= kTtlife distance/t  

Ithas been experimentally verified that the temperature of life distance tlifedistance is 254.357 K which is a universal constant.

           So, Equation (1) can be written as d = 254.357xD/t

           Or, t = 254.357xD/d………….(2)

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